Tuesday, 17 December 2013

MCQS from Past Papers of PPSC & NTS

1. Largest city of Pak at the time of creation 1947? Dacca
2. Who produce film on Quaid “Jinnah”? Jamil Dehlvi
3. Punjab Govt. installing Coal project with China at? Sahiwal
4. What is meant by FIQAH? Islamic Jurisprudence
5. What is meant by INFAQ? Spending money in the way of Allah
6. Who won last FIFA world cup? Spain
7. Real name of Ibn-e-Safi? Israr Ahmad
8. Who wrote book “Jinnah to Zia”? Justice Munir
9. Shikwa or Jawab-e-Shikwa Iqbal ki kis book me he? Bang-e-Darra
10. Think and Grow Rich is written by? Napoleon Hill
11. Second five year plan? 1960-65
12. Last Umayyad Caliph was? Marwan II
13. Headquarter of International Court of Justice? Hogue
14. Dick Cheney was the? V. President of USA
15. In 1909 which reforms were presented? Minto Morly
16. Where all RTC were held? London
17. Where Quaid presented his 14 points? Dehli
18. Isa rul Sanadid wrote by ? Sir, Syed
19. A tale of two cities related to? French Revolution
20. Who was reltated to Russian revolution? Linen
21. Which country head visit to Pakistan first? Pehalvi
22. Mountbaten succeeded by ? Weval
23. Alexander the great invasion of india? 326 bc
24. Davis cup is related to? Tenis
25. Pak won T20 in? 2009
26. Who offered to become granter in Kashmir Issue recently? UN Sectary
27. China became independent country in? 1949
28. Shikra famous for? Singing
29. Which give portents? Meat
30. Jeo Baiden is ? V. President of USA
31. Ibrahim Lincon was the President of USA? 16th
32. OIC 2nd summit in Pakistan? 1974
33. Who got Lenin award? Faiz Ahmad Faiz
34. Major object of Pak foreign Policy? Integrity of Country
35. Best fore-import commodity item of Pakistan? Rice
36. Largest industry of Pakistan? Textile
37. Pakistan Only Voice President? Noor-ul-amin
38. How many years Holly Prophet SAW spend in Makka? 53
39. Badar took place in? 624
40. Longest Surah in Quran? Al-Baqrah
41. First reveled Surah of Quran? Alaq
42. Urdu ki pehly nassri kitan? Sabrus
43. Pakistan Purchase Gawadar from? Oman
44. Captan cook was? Australian Navigator
45. Accra is the capital of? Ghana
46. Currency of Australia? Dollar
47. Al Fateh-al-Sisi is is General of? Egypt
48. Faormusa is old name of? Tiwan
49. Aung Sang Sui is leader of ? Mayanmar
50. Mayanmar is new name of ? Burma
51. Abdullah bin Muhammad is the president of?
52. First women prime minister of World? Srilankan
53. Union Jack is the flag of? U,K
54. Which country celebrating 60ht victory against USA? Vietnam
55. 1 trillion is equal to? 100 Billion
56. Abdullah Husaain Urdu k mashor? Novlist
57. How many articles for Muslims? 5
58. America Leavs Afghanistan in? 2014
59. Russia Afghan War ended through? Geneva Accord
60. Pakistan signed first agreement with USA? Defense
61. KBG is the secret agency of? Russia
62. Law of gravity by? Isac Newton
63. Capital of Morocco? Rabbat
64. First translation of the Quran in which language? Latin
65. First Urdu translation of Quran by? Abdul Qadir
66. Who collected the most Ahadees? Hazrat Ayesha R.A
67. Last Month of Islamic calendar? Zilhaj
68. Ushar means? 1/10
69. Which is minimum worth of usher on well-irrigated land? 20/10/15/5 mounds
70. Vir Chakra is the highest military award of? India
71. Wrong spelling-Medaval
72. Point the Finger to someone treated as?
73. Antonym described?
74. Meteorology is the study of? Weather
75. Fort Bala Hassar is situated in? Quetta
76. National flower of Pakistan? Jasmine
77. Which is human rights organization? Amnesty International
78. Who was the founder of Khaksar Tehreek? Allama Mashriqi
79. Heathrow is the airport of? London
80. India wins freedom written by? Abu Al kalam Azad
81. Sind Tas agreement? 1960
82. Largest building of the world? Burj ul Arab
83. Toba Tek Singh kis ne likhi? Saadat Hussain Minto
84. Al Razi was a? Physician
85. Animosity means? Full Spirit
86. Green eyed means? Jealous Lover
87. One who always looks at the bright side of things called? Optimist
88. Majlis ia a Parliament of? Iran
89. Which continent is most populated? Asia
90. Zaboor revealed on? Hazrat Dawud a.s
91. Hyde Park related to? Liberty of Speech
92. Leading the day? Victory Day
93. Pehla Sahb-e-Diwan Shair? Qulli Qatbi
94. En me Zarbul Misal konsi he? Nach Na Jany Angan Tehra
95. En Books me se kon si Fraz Ahmad Fraz kin he he? Meray Dill meray Musafar N/S
96. Who called the Keats of Urdu poetry? Ahmad Fraz N/S


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