Thursday, 20 March 2014

9 Tips How to Write Successful Email for a Job

9 Tips How to Write Successful Email for a Job

Now a Days Applying for jobs has changed due to Common use of Internet. Instead of sending Job Applications, Cover letters and CV / resumes through the courier, Now we search jobs online and then apply through emails to show our interest and enclosed / attached our CV / resumes with the email before sending to employer. This is a fast and more instantaneous way to get response, but we need to make sure that while writing Email we remain professional.

The key to getting a response to your email is to "put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and tailor your email accordingly". Now Question is that, How do you do this? 
Well below we try to outline some important points, we should keep in mind while writing an Email for a Job.

1- Subject Line ( Most Important Thing)

  • Keep it short and to the Point. An inbox normally reveals about first 60 characters of an email's subject line, while a mobile phone shows only 25 to 30, So try to put Exact purpose of your Email in first 30 to 60 Characters, For Example "Application for Manager Finance "
  • Write Most important words at the Start.  50% of emails are now open on mobiles, So you have no idea that how much of the subject line of your email, hiring managers can see from their smartphones, Try to put the most important information at the start of the subject line. For Example: HR Manager with 10 Years of Experience.

2- Be "Clear" & "Comprehensive".

Employers / Recruiters has no much time to read your E-mail A-Z, they spend just some seconds for reviewing a resume, So Start with Good salutation and after that jump toward your actual message in First 4-5 lines For Example " I have diversified Experience of 10 years in the areas of _____________________, and I am offering My service for a job cited in subject.

3- Don't Repeat Details

Don't repeat subject line or Job designation in email. this will make your email lengthy and also keep a message of Time wasting. Check your CV for 10 Common Mistakes

4- Use Professional keywords & Terms

Hiring managers normally have filters and already set folders manage their bulk emails. probably your Email won't be focused by them so it's very important to include keywords like "application for Job" or "job candidate" that will make the email to be searchable later.

5- Always Include Your Name & Current position.

For a standard job Email, most important thing is to include in the email your name Current position and work experience as well. Don't Paste your whole Resume in Email

6- Don't Use capitalization of words. 

Using of all words in caps may get someone's attention, but may be in the wrong way. Instead of this , try to use dashes or colons to highlight / separate thoughts, and try to avoid caps and special characters like exclamation marks.

7- Add a Line of how to contact with you

Mentioned that you always welcome the opportunity to discuss your interest & experience,  so make it easy for employers to contact you by providing your Phone / mobile numbers.

8- Sign off with courteously

Use proper closing like ‘Kind regards’ or ‘Best regards’ or, if you wish to be more formal, use ‘Yours sincerely’. and You may also include links to your (professional only) social media profiles. See 6 Tips for Successful Job Interview

9. Check your Email for spelling & Grammar Errors!

Now Finally check it again and again with care. Don’t trust auto spell-checkers… we have seen all troubles that auto-correct can get us into! :) See Jobs in Dubai


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