Friday, 23 May 2014

MCQS from Old Papers of PPSC/NTS/FPSC

MCQS from Old Papers of PPSC/NTS/FPSC

1)How many time Pakistan has been non-permanent member of Security Council- 7 times
2)Headquarters of NATO- Brussels
3)Pak Iran gas pipeline was officially inaugurated on- 11 March, 2013
4)Biman is the airline of- Bangladesh
5)Last GG of Pakistan- Sikandar Mirza
6)Banki Moon is - Secretary General of UNO
7)Banki Moon belongs to- South Korea
8)HQs of Red Cross- Geneva
9)Largest Muslim country by population- Indonesia
10)Pak Afghan border line- Durand Line
11)Haroof e Muqat'tat Quran me kitni bar ate hen- 29
12) Rabbe zidni ilma, kis surah me ata ha- Yasin (Not confirmed)
13)Turb ka kia matlab ha- Khushi
14)Ganje Frishte kis ki tasnif ha- Sa'adat Hassan Mantu
15)Pakistan Ban Gia- Khadija Mastur
16)Kon c surah ka end dua k sath hota ha- Al-Imran (Nt Cnfrmed)
17)Filthy..antonym- Clean
18)Water logging is caused by- seepage (confirm it)
19)Black continent - Africa
20)She dressed- in black clothes
21)She is very kind- to me
22)correct word- Accept
23)Pak Afghan gas pipeline is also known- peace pipeline
24)Karachi is among- 20 biggest cities in the world
25)Country as an UNO observer country- Kosovo 
26)100 / 4/7 = 175
27) x-4=11 then x-8= 7
28) halfway b/w 103 and 301 - 202
29) 2 ki power x = 32 then x ki power 2 = 25


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