Tuesday, 16 June 2015

6 Tips for Successful Job Interview


These 6 Successful Job Interview Tips will help you to perform better during Interview. These interview tips cover all the basics things you should need to know before a job interview. To overcome your weaknesses, Improve your confident and Knowledge make your interview a successful. How to write Responsive Cover Letter or E-mail for a Job

Be Confident.

If you lose confidence during any stage, it will lead you to lose that Job. It is the only thing that continuously judge by the interviewer during the whole time.
  • Prepare yourself according to nature of interview
  • Avoid to Speak extra, Very loudly, speedily or slowly, Be moderate.
  • Make natural eye contact with interviewer throughout the interview.
  • A reason of nervousness is a lack of direct eye contact
  • So Avoid looking down, looking away, & not looking the eyes of interviewer.

Dress up Properly

Dressing also works as your silent introduction. The first impression that you make on interviewers is the most important one. The first decision an interviewer makes about your self is based on your looks and what you are wearing. Due its importance its always keep in mind to dress properly for a job interview. See More Interview Tips
  • Chose dress according to your Culture, gender and nature of Company.
  • Avoid to use any type of Extra Fancy or Stylish Dresses.
  • Avoid to wear informal things like joggers, jeans, T shirts, etc during a formal interview.
Be on Time
Punctuality Should be your top priority. There is no excuse for arriving late at interview. Always try to reach 30 minutes before your scheduled interview to complete paperwork and to make yourself calm & settled. Arriving early is also help you to observe the environment of the workplace.

Prepare & Practice your Introduction
The first question you may going to get in an interview is, “Tell something about yourself.” But remember that, this is not an invitation to recite your entire life story or even to go bullet by bullet through your CV. it’s probably your first and best chance to tell the interviewer that why you’re the best one for this job. See Top 10 CV Mistakes 

The Best formula is "Present-Past-Future formula". Start with the present—where you are right now. Then, about the past—a little bit about the experiences you’ve had and your skills that you gained at the previous job. Finally, close with the future—why you are really excited for this particular opportunity at this company.

Should have sufficient Knowledge of Post
You must have enough knowledge according to Position for which you are going to be interviewed. Before interview collect basic information about the position and techniques how you deal with issues and difficulties during you work. Recall your knowledge according to your Degrees.

Make any Subject / topic your Specialty
Its a best way to turn interview by yourself if you have a command on a particular subject or topic. In many interviews a question asked "which Subject is your specialty ". that is the time to turn whole interview according to your knowledge about any particular subject.


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