Tuesday, 21 July 2015

20 Small Business Ideas for Male & Females Without Money Start a Business without Investment

20 Small Business Ideas for Male & Females With Low or No Investment

These 20 Small business ideas for Men, Women, Students, pensioners, senior citizens, Boys and girls. People can earn money by using any of these small business ideas and utilize their free time, Theses ideas can be adopt for full time & Part time as well.

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1.  Match Making Service 

A Famous saying is “marriages are made in haven but celebrated on earth”, so peoples look for their match and for this purpose some time they need the services of some professionals. It is good business for part time and full time as well. This business can be start with very low investment or No investment.

2. Home Tuition / Coaching in Academy

Today Education become very essential for every one and students need extra coaching other than their school or colleges so business of education will never ever end. So Starting Home Tuition or Coaching in Academy is very good business idea for part time. No Investment required.

3. Mobile Phone Shop

Now a day’s mobile phone become a necessary in life for everyone. As increased in demand of mobile Phones and allied services like Accessories, Repair & maintenance and Balance / credit recharge, this is a v good small business idea with low investment.

4. Ice Cream or Juice Parlor

In main shopping area or near to schools or colleges, to open an ice cream or Juice parlor is a good business for handsome income. This business can be start with low investment.

5. Xerox & Book Binding or Book Store

In the areas of colleges, schools and universities there is a need of Xerox & Book Binding. But in Many areas area do not have this facility so to start this business is a good source of income with low investment.

6. Provide Catering service

For marriages & parties all people look for a good service of catering. So This is also a good business idea for small scale with Low investment.

7. Computer Applications / Software Trainer

If you have expert skills than you can utilize them to earn money. Start Computer training for professional and official use. This business can be start with very low investment.

8. Photography

If you have good photography skills and talent to capture scenes than you can use photography as a business with a cost of professional camera, Low investment.

9. Child care Service

Some parents, especially single mothers who engage in jobs with long hours work timing need some reliable Caring center for their Childs. So they hire the services of baby care centers. This business can be start at home with no investment

10. Elderly care Service

Many studies have revealed that the people in the US and other western countries is try to live alone. So they hire the services of old age care centers for senior citizen. This business can be start at home with no investment

11. Beauty Parlor At Home

Need of beauty treatment in females is increasing day by day. Females’ use services of beauty parlor to keep maintain and upto date their selves. This business can be start at home with very low investment & it gives good profit.

12. Cosmetics & Under Garments Shop

Lotions, Creams, makeup kits, powders, lipsticks, nail polish, other cosmetic and all types of ladies under garments will always be in huge demand. In eastern countries women feel free to shop these items when there is a sales girl. So this is another business idea for women to open this type of shop at home. This is low investment business any business that offers quality cosmetics will always be profitable, all things being equal.

13. Driving Trainer

To give training of How to drive is an evergreen business because as the number of cars is increasing people also need to learn driving. To start this business, you need a car and Expert driving Skills. 

14. Career Guidance

Due to multiple career options and variety of professions parents and students get confused and unable to select one appropriate profession. So at this time they need an expert to see professional guidance regarding their career. If you have good knowledge about Course & degrees offered by different universities and Jobs accordingly, than you can adopt Career coaching as a business. No Investment required.

15. Resume / CV Writing Skills

A resume / CV are very important document for searching and getting the job in any organization. CV is basically your professional Intro. So People often try to make their CV professional and for this are seeking the help of professional Experts in resume writing. If you have expert skills in writing a CV / resume, you can start this as a business. No Investment Required.

16. Work as Interior designer: 

People always try to lift up their living standard and adopt a rich life style by interior decoration of their home and office. For this purpose they hire the services of professional interior designers. So this is also another business idea to start with a very nominal investment.

17. Online Plumber / electrician and other works:

If you have any technical skills like Plumber, electrician etc you advertise them through a website or blog and ensure your availability against online booking. This is a unique business idea which is not used in Pakistan and Middle East countries

18. General Store at Home

In some areas markets are far from populated areas and people have to travel some distance for shopping of small things. In these areas a general store can be open at home to provide necessities within locality.

19. Online Work

If you have skills like graphic designing, Office Work, Accounts, SEO, web designing, good typing speed than you can work online at Fiverr, O Desk, Elance & freelancing. This is a good source of Income utilizing your skills and extra time.

20. Dance Classes

If you are a good dancer and expert in coaching you can start dance classes for those who are willing to learn How to Dance. This is very good idea to adopt as a business. And there is No investment required for this.