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10 Tips to Write / Improve your Cv for Success

10 Tips to Write / Improve your Cv for Success

The recruitment staff who receives your CV for a Job will probably have hundreds or some time even thousands of CVs to check and sort. So they can not give more than few seconds to your CV. So if you want to take benefit for these some seconds you need to re visit your CV for Improvement. Your CV should provide a summary of your Education, professional expertise and evidence of your life's achievements. The recruiter just wants to know what you have to offer your prospected future employer.
Here we are try to Guide you about the things that should be include in Cv and the things Must be avoided

Common Errors in CVs which leads to rejection

A Recruitment Manager of a Multinational company says that the following are common errors / deficiencies which leads your CV toward rejection.

  • Spelling errors / mistakes or typos errors  61%
  • copying of  large amounts of words from the job posting/ Ads 41%
  • Non Professional email address 35% Like cuteboy, cateyes, evildead etc
  • CV without a list of skills 30%
  • CV more than two pages long 22% 
  • 10 Tips to Write a Successful CV

    Introduction of CV

    Don't start your CV with a paragraph Named "Objective" any such kind of heading. Like "Dynamic, sales oriented enthusiastic, I.T. literate, results driven manager with several years. people management experience seeking exciting and challenging new opportunities in the multinational Firms blaah blaah blaah..." .
    In its place, Add a short but comprehensive start with heading " Professional Summary or Career View etc", that looks simple but focused headline elaborating about yourself. Like, "Senior Finance Manager 10 years experience of managing financials & resources in the automobile sector." See Jobs in UAE

    Include all Education.

    while writing CV make sure that you include all your Education, research Details, your interest, experience and your publications if any.

    Accurate Contact details

    It’s very important that to provide up-to-date contact information including your address, main phone number, cell No and your email ID to make it easy for your prospected employers to contact with you when he required.

    Complete Employment history

    Include your previous jobs that are relevant to the position for which you are applying. If you have not had much relevant experience, in this case  or you may want to include in CV your whole work history.

    Your Skills & strengths

    Its Important to focused on your skills and strengths when writing a CV. A strength is something that you are naturally good at &  a skill is something that you get with education and experience. Make sure to place your skills at start after yor professional summary and also demonstrate that how your skills and strengths will help you to do well in this job.

    Good & Simple format

    Keep your CV far from fancy styles, colors, borders, designs etc. CV is a page about yourself not a piece of art so focused on data not design.

    Bad Formatting

    Make it sure that your CV is properly align, have a same font style in CV and no extra line or word spaces are there. See 10 Common CV Mistakes

    Spelling & Punctuation

    Poor spelling and punctuation in  your CV lead it toward dustbin. So extra concentration is required in this regard. Write Short sentences to avoid confused punctuation. Spell check must be the very last thing you should do before sending your CV for a Job.


    Don't include references in your CV and leaving them off will help you to save space, but make sure to mention at the end of CV that reference are available when required .

    Cover Letter

    Most employers will expect and like a cover letter attached with your CV. It gives you a chance to get across your personality, ambition, experience, skills in your CV. Check out our Cover letter guide for more details on how to write a responsive cover letter.


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