Wednesday, 2 September 2015

24 Most Common Job Interview Questions

 Most Common Job Interview Questions

24 Most Common Job Interview Questions

It will be great if you know that what questions a hiring manager going to be asked to you in interview. We can not read minds, but we can take help from most common interview question list of the 24 most common interview questions. The 24 Most Common Interview Questions are listed below, but also keep in mind that there are many other Job interview questions that will be derived from these 24 interview questions.

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  1. What are your career goals in life?
  2. If we offered this position, than how long would you stay with our company?
  3. What's your level of understanding about this job?
  4. Why do you think that you are more suitable than other contestants for this job?
  5. Why do you want to work with this company?
  6. What is your salary expectations?
  7. Name one of your weaknesses.
  8. Name one your strengths.
  9. Which areas of your work are mostly praised?
  10. Which areas of your work are mostly criticized?
  11. How do you think that your last manager would be describe you?
  12. Discuss important points on your resume.
  13. Told me that how your qualification & work experience is relevant to this job.
  14. Why did you are leaving your last job?
  15. what is your ideal job? 
  16. What is success?
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  18. Do you think yourself as a leader? 
  19. Are you willing for extensive travel at this job?
  20. Are you willing for location transfer in this job?
  21. Describe your achievements in your career or education?
  22. How do you spend spare time?
  23. What You do to keep up-to-date in this industry?
  24. Have you any questions for me?
  25. Why should we hire you for this position?