Tuesday, 6 October 2015

10 Websites Lists That pay you to write for them Earn Money Online

10 Websites Lists That pay you to write for them

Do you have an art to play with words?  If yes, than its a great chance to convert your Art into Money.  You can Earn money online by using your talent of writing without any experience. 
We have collected list of websites for earn money online, that will pay you for online work. Below list of 12 sites that will pay for your online work of writing. It is not cover the all available chances of make money online, but you can use it as a guide line to find many more sites for online work at home that will help you to earn money online.

20 Small Business Ideas with NO or Low Investment

1 . Alive Now

This is a bi-monthly devotional magazine. this site Alive Now will pay you a minimum of $35 for a submission of online work / writing after acceptance. theme for submission is provided by this site. 

2. BabyFit

This is a popular online website for preventative healthcare. BabyFit mostly works on body fitness and nutrition of pregnant women . If you can easily write a researched base article of 500 to 1200 words, you may earn online after successful submission of your article. By this you may earn money online $25 and $90 for their expertise.

3. Comstock

This is an Adult humor greeting card company website. The Comstock is looking for new ideas, innovations and it will pay you for this online work upto $50 for every accepted article.

4. Developer Tutorials

If you have knowledge about computer programming, Languages and designs, and also able to make a tutorial as online work. This website Developer Tutorials will pay for each accepted contributions of online work.

5 Real ways to earn Online

5. Fine Scale Modeler Magazine

If you are interested and have sufficient knowledge about model cars, airplanes, ships, etc. then you could earn money online for writing about them at this website FineScale Modeler

6. Girl's Life

This site publishes articles about teenage girls. If you have a sister, daughter, niece, or girl friend who is younger than 18 and interested to write fictions or create poetry.  She can make money online after acceptance of her submission to Girl's Life website.

7. Glimmer Train

This website Glimmer Train has been devoted to searching new writers throughout the world since 1990 and pays for online work after acceptance. 

8. Oatmeal Studios (Greeting Cards)

This website of greeting card company is always looking for innovative & humorous ideas for making greeting cards. So if you have a talent to do this , send your creations to Oatmeal Studios.

9. The Hairpin

This website The Hairpin offers online work and focuses on women and women writers features. The topics are different and wide in range, They demand for unpublished, original content, and pay contributors for their online work.

10. Tales to Go

This website Tales to Go is a website of paid subscription and publisher of books, they focusing on different stories about tour & travel. They are always looking for personal stories, non-fiction stories especially to unfamiliar locations /  areas.


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