Thursday, 26 November 2015

فخرِ پاکستان پائلٹ مریم شہید کی زندگی کا سفر آخری انٹرویو Last Interview & biography of Pilot Maryam Mukhtar

The First Female Pilot of Pakistan Maryam Mukhtiar Sheikh was daughter of Col.(R). Mr. Mukhtiar Ahmed.

She was Born in 1993. Mariam Mukhtiar joined PAF and graduated as female fighter pilot in Pakistan Air Force in 2007 with seven other female Pakistanis who also graduated as lady pilot officers. She Belongs to Karachi.
On Tuesday 24 November 2015, Mariam Mukhtiar and her co-pilot Squadron leader Mr. Saqib Abbasi were on their routine mission of operational training and their plane crashed near Kundian, Panjab. Pakistan.
According to spokesperson of PAF Pakistan Air Force, she had got injured in the incident but could not fight with these injuries. "She is the first female pilot of Pakistan to be martyred", the spokesperson Further added.
All Pakistani media is covering her story, BBC also reported the same and let the world know that she was fighting stereotypes by proving that she was less than no one.

سینچا کیسے اپنے لہو سے گلزار وطن

ہم سے سیکهے کوئی اس کهیت کو پانی دینا


کوئی اندازہ کر سکتا ہے اسکے زورِ بازو کا

,نگاہِ مردِ مومن سے بدل جاتی ہیں تقدیریں


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