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Past Paper of PPSC Senior Headmaster 2014

Past Paper of PPSC Senior Headmaster 2014

This past paper is held in 2014 by PPSC against post of Senior Headmaster / Deputy District Education Officer. This paper is uploaded here as a sample for upcoming paper of headmaster & headmistress. 

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Q1=Most of our classrooms are
(a) Criterion reference test
(b) Norm reference test
(c) Summative Assessment
(d) Formative Assessment

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Q2=The test which is taken in particular course to keep students program or class is =
(a)Diagnastic Test
(b)Placement Test
(c)Aptitude Test
(d)Achievement Test
Q3=A relatively brief statement summarizing purpose of school is known as :
(a)Students Outcomes
(b)Mission statement
(c)Objective Statement
(d)School Design Statement

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Q4=The Shared Perceptions of characteristic of school and of its members :
(a)School Culture
(b)School Climate
(c)School Environment
(d)School Atmosphere
Q5=The Term Bureaucracy was introduced by :
(a)Henary Fual
(b)Lufhar Gulck
(c)Frideric Tylor
(d)Max Weber

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Q1=The subject contents to be taught by the teacher to the people are as know
(b) Educational Experience
(d) Curriculumn
Q2=Projects Techniques are used to measure :
(c) Personality
Q3=Total Quality Management in planning means
(a)Total School Management
(b)Maximum Productivity Management
©Zero Defect Management
(d)Total Management of Quality Management
Q4=At the end of course which type of assessment is used ?
Q5=The process of finding and attracting of capable applicants for employment are known as :
Q6=Cognitive Development deals with :
(b) Mind
© Society
Q7=Operant Condition was presented by :
Q8=The Pioneer of indentifying of individuals difference was :
(b)Franclos Galton
(d) Skinner
Q9=Wechsolor Scale is test to measure:
(d) Languages
Q10=Who is not the Curriculum Expert :
(a)Hilda Taba
(b)S.S Shore
©L.R Gay
(d)Murry Print
Q11= In Norms reference test the comparison is between :
(b) Individuals
(d) Interest
Q12=The collections of all types of students learning activities are known as :
(a)Student Dairy
(b) Teacher Dairy
(d) Students fees
Q13=Solo Taxonomy provides systematic way of describing the learner’s :
(b) Understanding
Q14=The statistics used for prediction is :
©Factor Analysis
Q15=Wastage of resources time and work is prevented in administration by the function of :
Q16=A study in which an attempt is made to determine the current status of population with respect to one or more variables on the basis of data collect from the members of a population is called :
(a)Causal Comparative Study
(b)Case Study
©Survey Study
(d)Correctional Study
Q17=Self-actualization theory was developed by :
Q18=If the position of the person change but salary, grade and other Previlges remain same social mobility is :
(a) Occupational
(b) Vertical
(c) Horizontical
(d) Ascending
Q19=Basic research involves :
(a) Analysis of theory
(b) Development of Theory
(c) Application of theory
(d) System of Theory
Q20=Which is not Quantitive approach :
(a)Descreptive research
(b)Co-relational research
©Causal-Comparative research
(d)Historical Research
Q21=Which is not form of reliability
(a)Test-retest reliability
(b)Equivalent forms reliability
©Spilt-half reliability
(d)Content Base reliabilty
Q22=The score which accours most frequently is :
Q23= Intellect mean?
© Thinking


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