Wednesday, 25 November 2015

PPSC Solved Headmaster Papers 2015 Morning & Evening held on 22-11-2015

PPSC Solved Headmaster Papers 2015

PPSC Solved Headmaster Papers 2015

1: The Main Duty Of Classroom Management Is Of Head Teacher. Teacher . Student . Deo
2: DDO Means Drawing & Disbursing Officer
3: To Maintain All School Records Is The Duty Of Teacher. Principal . Clerk. Deo
4: All Funds And Grants Are Noted Down In Stock Register. Budget Register. 

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5: Information Transferred From Sub Ordinate To Superior Is A Type Of Communication Upward . Downward
6: Islamic Teaching System Is Democratic
7: What Is The Meaning Of 3 R’S Reading.Writing.Listening Reading Writing Eating
Reading Writing Understanding 

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8: Study Of In-class And Outer-class Activities Is Behaviorism . Realism
9: How Many Components Of Teaching 2 4 6 8
10: The Part Which Is Ignored In-teaching Institutes Is Research And Development

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