Tuesday, 31 May 2016

NCLEX practice questions- Sickle Cell Crisis

NCLEX Study Guide about Sickle Cell Crisis

NCLEX Study Guide about Sickle Cell Crisis

Candidates of Nursing Exam can uses this NCLEX Study Guide as NCLEX practice questions for NCLEX RN Exam.These NCLEX RN review and nursing exam questions are for help of all NCLEX Candidates. 

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Nurse is treating a 30 year old male client, who is brought to the emergency ward in sickle cell crisis. What is the perfect position for this client?
  • 1- Side-lying with knees flexed
  • 2- High Fowler’s with knees flexed
  • 3- Knee-chest
  • 4- Semi-Fowler’s with legs extended on the bed

The Correct NCLEX Questions Answer is 4.

Rationale of NCLEX RN Practice questions

Placing the client in semi-Fowler’s position provides the best oxygenation for this client. Flexion of the hips and knees, which includes the knee chest position, impedes circulation and is not correct positioning for this client. and other answers A, B, and C are incorrect due to this. 


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