Thursday, 9 June 2016

Need Flat Stomach ?, Say Good bye to Following 5 Foods

How to Reduce Belly Fat Get Flat Stomach

How to Reduce Belly Fat Get Flat Stomach

These days many people want to have a flat stomach. It is very simple to burn the belly fat which cover your waistline. there are many suggestions by peoples like drinking a lot of water, Hard exercises etc to lose belly fat but the most important factor is to maintain healthy food diet to burn belly fat.

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1- Stay away from Dairy Food

Milk is a very healthy drink, but you have to avoid it if you want to to get a flat stomach. If you like dairy food, you can take yogurt as alternate of milk.  

2- Coffee, Processed Food, Refined Sugar and Alcohol is Not 4 u...

To bur belly fat you should also avoid the use of coffee and alcohol. All Processed foods, Fast Foods and fried foods became a cause to increases the fat and leads to bulky tummy. The refined sugar is also an obstacle in burning fat.

3- Decrease the use of Salt

Salt is added into food so that we can make it taste better. But, excessive use of salt also leads to water retention in your body and play a helping role in increase fat. so use less salt in your food. 

4- Increase the Use of  Fruit

Fruits are healthy to eat. But it is also important to choose right fruit that helpful for weight loss. Eating apples and pears will provide you more fructose which will slow down the body metabolism. You should add some citrus fruits in your diet to reduce your belly fat.

5- Use of Cheese can increase fat.

Cheese contains a large amount of fat and is very hard to digest. The Poor digestion system causes increase in weight.  Fat has nine calories per gram, protein and carbohydrates have only four. The cheese fries is considered to most fattening food in the world.


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