Thursday, 30 June 2016

NCLEX Practice Question - Alzheimer’s disease

NCLEX Practice Question - Alzheimer’s disease

NCLEX Study Guide about Alzheimer’s disease

NCLEX Study Guide , NCLEX practice questions and Nursing Exam Question are as guidance for NCLEX Exam. NCLEX nursing exam questions and NCLEX RN Exam review of Alzheimer’s disease are provide here for help of NCLEX Exams & for all students who wish to appear in nursing examination.

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A Nurse is assisting a client with Alzheimer’s disease with daily living activities. During this session the nurse notes that client uses his toothbrush to brush his hairs. Client is exhibiting which of the following, about that nurse is aware:
  • 1- Agnosia
  • 2- Apraxia
  • 3- Anomia
  • 4- Aphasia
  • Answer 2 is correct

Rationale of Answer of NCLEX Question

  • The Apraxia is inability to use objects appropriately.
  • Agnosia is the loss of sensory comprehension,
  • Anomia is the inability to find words,
  • Aphasia is the inability to speak or understand, 
  • So other answers 1, 3, and 4 are not correct.


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