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NCLEX Practice Question - Possible Acute Leukemia

NCLEX Practice Question - Possible Acute Leukemia

NCLEX Study Guide about Possible Acute Leukemia

All Candidates of Nursing Exam can uses this NCLEX Study Guide as NCLEX practice questions for NCLEX RN Exam help. These MCQs of NCLEX RN review & nursing exam questions of Possible Acute Leukemia are for exam preparation of all NCLEX Candidates who wants to appear in nursing exam of RN / PN. 

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In a hospital a 33 year male client is being evaluated for possible acute leukemia. from the following list which finding is most likely related to the diagnosis of acute leukemia???
  • 1- Client collects stamps as hobby.
  • 2- Client recently lost his job as a postal worker.
  • 3- Client’s brother had leukemia as a child.
  • 4- Client had radiation for treatment of Hodgkin’s disease as a teenager.

Answer 3 for this NCLEX Question is correct.

Rationale of NCLEX Exam Question 

the Radiation treatment for different types of cancer can contribute to the development of leukemia in peoples. Some relevant hobbies and occupations involving chemicals and related items are linked to leukemia, but not the ones in these answers so answers 1 & 2 are not correct. 
Answer 4 is incorrect as the incidence of leukemia is higher in twins, not siblings.


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