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NCLEX Practice Question - Blood Tinged Hemoptysis

NCLEX Practice Question - Blood Tinged Hemoptysis

NCLEX Study Guide about Blood Tinged Hemoptysis

Nursing Exam Question are for guidance of NCLEX Exam. NCLEX Study Guide , NCLEX practice questions and Nursing Exam Question are as guidance for NCLEX Exam. NCLEX nursing exam questions and NCLEX RN Exam review of blood-tinged hemoptysis, fatigue, and night sweats in high Temperature are provide here for help of NCLEX Exams guidance and for all those students who wish to give nursing examination of PN.

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Nurse is attending a client who is admitted in the hospital with a 99.8°F temperature , he complaints of fatigue, blood-tinged hemoptysis, and sweats at night. Which of the following would be diagnosis by the nurse with client’s symptoms.
  • 1- Pneumonia
  • 2- Reaction to antiviral medication
  • 3- Tuberculosis
  • 4- Super-infection due to low CD4 count
  • Answer 3 is correct for This NCLEX Quiz.

Rationale of NCLEX Question

A low grade temperature, blood-tinged sputum, fatigue, and night sweats are symptoms consistent with tuberculosis. If the answer in 1 had said pneumocystis pneumonia, answer 1 would have been consistent with the symptoms given in the stem, but just saying pneumonia is not specific enough to diagnose the problem. other Answers 2 and 4 are not directly related to the stem so Incorrect.


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