Friday, 17 June 2016

NCLEX Practice Question - Hypertensive Crises

NCLEX Practice Question - Hypertensive Crises

NCLEX Study Guide about Hypertensive Crises

These NCLEX nursing exam questions / NCLEX RN Exam review questions of Hypertensive Crises are provide here for NCLEX Exams guidance and for all those students who wants to give nursing examination of PN . These Nursing Exam Question NCLEX Study Guide are as NCLEX practice questions and guidance for NCLEX Exam.

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Nurse is attending a client, who is admitted in the hospital with hypertensive crises. Diazoxide (Hyperstat) is ordered. From following the nurse should take which action during administration of this client.

  • 1- Place the client in Trendelenburg position
  • 2- Check the blood glucose level.
  • 3- Utilize an infusion pump. .
  • 4- Cover the solution with foil.
  • For This NCLEX Question Answer 2 is correct.

Rationale of This NCLEX Question

Hyperstat is given IV push for hypertensive crises, but sometime it causes hyperglycemia. The glucose level will drop rapidly when stopped. Answer 1 is not correct as the hyperstat is given by IV push. The client should be placed in dorsal recumbent position, not Trendelenburg position, as stated in answer # 3 . Answer # 4 is not correct because the medication does not have to be covered with foil.


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