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NCLEX Practice Question - Polycythemia Vera

NCLEX Study Guide about Polycythemia Vera

NCLEX Study Guide about Polycythemia Vera

These Quiz of NCLEX RN review and nursing exam questions about Polycythemia Vera is placed here for help of all NCLEX Candidates who are planning to appear in nursing exam of RN / PN. All Candidates of Nursing Exam can uses this NCLEX Study Guide as NCLEX practice questions for NCLEX RN Exam help.

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The nurse in hospital is teaching the client with polycythemia vera about prevention of complications of this disease. Which one of the statement from the below list by the client indicates a need for further guidance?

  • 1- “I will check my blood pressure regularly.”
  • 2- “I will report ankle edema.”
  • 3- “I will drink 500mL of fluid or less each day.”
  • 4- “I will wear support hose.”

Answer 3 of NCLEX Practice Question is correct.

Rationale of NCLEX Question

The client with polycythemia vera is at risk for thrombus formation. Hydrating the client with at least 3L of fluid per day is important in preventing clot formation, so the statement to drink less than 500 mL is incorrect. 
Answers 1,2, and 4 are incorrect because they all contribute to the prevention of complications.
Support hose promotes venous return, the electric razor prevents bleeding due to injury, and a diet low in iron is essential to preventing further red cell formation.


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