Tuesday, 21 June 2016

NCLEX Practice Questions - Congestive Heart Failure

NCLEX Practice Questions - Congestive Heart Failure

NCLEX Study Guide about Congestive Heart Failure

NCLEX nursing exam questions and NCLEX RN Exam review of Congestive Heart Failure are provide for help of NCLEX Exams guidance and for all students who wants to give nursing examination of PN. These NCLEX Study Guide , NCLEX practice questions and Nursing Exam Question are as guidance for NCLEX Exam.

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Nurse is attending a client in emergency, who is admitted with left-sided congestive heart failure. while assessing the client for edema, the nurse should check the:
  • 1- Feet of the Client 
  • 2- Neck of the client
  • 3- Hands of the client
  • 4- Sacrum of the client
  • Answer 2 is correct for this NCLEX Question

See Rationale of Answer

The jugular veins in the neck should be assessed for distension. The other parts of the body will be edematous in right-sided congestive heart failure, not for left-sided So other answers 1, 3, and 4 are not correct.


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