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NCLEX Practice Question - HELLP Syndrome

NCLEX Study Guide about HELLP Syndrome

NCLEX Study Guide about HELLP Syndrome

NCLEX practice questions for Nursing Exam as guidance of NCLEX RN Exam.These questions of  NCLEX Study Guide MCQs and NCLEX practice questions. NCLEX nursing exam questions and NCLEX RN Exam review of HELLP Syndrome are provide here for NCLEX Exams guidance of all those NCLEX students who ready to give nursing examination of PN / RN.

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A 15 year old primigravida (Obstetrics) is admitted in hospital with a tentative diagnosis 
of HELLP syndrome. Which of the following laboratory finding is best associated with 
HELLP syndrome?
  • 1- Elevated blood glucose
  • 2- Elevated platelet count
  • 3- Elevated creatinine clearance
  • 4- Elevated hepatic enzymes
  • Answer 4 is correct for This NCLEX Question.

Rationale of Answers

The criteria for HELLP is 
elevated liver enzymes, 
hemolysis & 
low platelet count. In answer 1, an elevated blood glucose level is not associated with 
HELLP syndrome. Platelets are decreased, not elevated, in HELLP syndrome, as stated in answer 2
. The creatinine levels are elevated in renal disease and are not associated with 
HELLP syndrome, so answer 3 is not correct.


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