Tuesday, 19 July 2016

NCLEX Practice Questions - Vehicle Accident Patient

NCLEX Practice Questions - Vehicle Accident Patient

NCLEX Study Guide about Vehicle Accident Patient

Questions of Nursing Exam NCLEX practice questions about treatment of Vehicle accident patient for guidance of NCLEX RN Exam.These MCQs questions of NCLEX Study Guide MCQs & NCLEX Practice questions. NCLEX RN Exam review are provide here for NCLEX Exams guidance of all type of NCLEX students of nursing examination.

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In emergency a client arrives after a sever motor vehicle accident. Nurse attends patient and her findings include BP reading 80/34, pulse rate is 120, and respiration is 20. from the following Which one is client’s most appropriate priority nursing diagnosis?
  • 1- Alteration in cerebral tissue perfusion
  • 2- Fluid volume deficit
  • 3- Ineffective airway clearance
  • 4- Alteration in sensory perception
  • Answer 2 is correct for This NCLEX Question

Rationale of all Answers

The vital signs indicate hypovolemic shock. They do not indicate cerebral tissue perfusion, airway clearance, or sensory perception alterations hence other answers 1, 3, and 4 are not correct.


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