Monday, 8 August 2016

NCLEX Practice Question - Blood Transfusion

NCLEX Study Guide about Blood Transfusion

NCLEX Study Guide about Blood Transfusion

These MCQs Questions of Nursing Exam, NCLEX practice questions about Blood Transfusion use of cathlon are placed here for guidance of NCLEX nursing Exam. These MCQs of NCLEX Study Guide MCQs & NCLEX Practice questions. These NCLEX RN Exam review are provide here for NCLEX Exams guidance of all type of NCLEX students of nursing examination.

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Nurse is attending a client visited for blood transfusion, what is the best size of cathlon for administration of a blood transfusion to a six year old client???
  • 1- 18 gauge
  • 2- 19 gauge
  • 3- 22 gauge
  • 4- 20 gauge
  • Answer 4 is correct for this NCLEx Question 
4 is correct answer because the best size cathlon to use in a child receiving blood is a 20 gauge. 1, 2, and 3 are not correct because the size is either too large or too small from the best suitable size.


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