Thursday, 29 September 2016

Google Labeled India as "NAMAK HARAM COUNTRY"

Namak Haram Country India

Google Recognized India as Namak Haram Country India

Finally Google declare India as Namak Haram Country. We all know that India is a country which have worst in democratic Values and Dangerous for Muslims and women. India also earned a bad repute on diplomatic front. The reason of that is its underhand lobbying, cheating and bad moral values. Now the another shock for India is that Google labeled as the “Namak Haram country” India.

don't believe on it ? if you do not believe on this just go to Google search bar and Type “Namak Haram country” you will definitely astonished to see the result and given options by Google under search bar.

In a new development on the digital world that has viral on the Internet, users of internet have discovered this title of India that by typing ‘Namak Haram country’ on Google results in the Indian tricolor being displayed likes this “Namak haram Country India”
It’s a globally top story of Today, that world recognized India as Namak Haram Country, It means India is a Traitor Country and the reason is one and only PM Modi, and its current Govt. Who are against peace, love and development in the south Asia.


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