Sunday, 4 September 2016

NTS Past Paper Assistant Director NAB 2016 Solved MCQs for Jobs Tests

NTS Past Paper Assistant Director NAB 2016

NTS Assistant Director NAB Past Paper 04-09-2016

This past paper is held by NTS against post of Assistant Director NAB dated 04-09-2016 on Sunday. These Solved MCQs of NTS tests collected from different candidates who appeared in test. This Pastpaper is very helpful for tests of NTS Jobs in Pakistan, PPSC Jobs, FPSC Jobs, Government Jobs, Latest Jobs in Pakistan and new Jobs in Pakistan. NTS Book free Download pdf, NTS MCQs with answers. NTS Test Preparation. This NTS Past paper is uploaded here as a helping material / sample and Past paper for upcoming NTS Jobs test of different posts in Pakistan NTS Jobs Test Solved MCQs Download in Now.

Above Past paper of NTS against post of Assistant Director NAB is very helpful for all other NTS and PPSC test, FPSC Test, NTS Test and other tests it was held in 2015..Download Headmaster / Headmistress Guide

NTS Assistant Director NAB Test 2016 MCQs

Write Antonyms (opposite).
1. Agile:
2. Ambiguity:
3. Distend:
4. Hackneyed:
5. Latent:
6. Unruly:
Find analogical (similar) relationship.
7. Sentence: words
8. Seed: plant
9. Copyright: Book
10. Waiter: tip
11. Compound : building
12. portfolio : securities
Write correct verbs.
13. He fell (from/off) the horse.
14. I_____ in morning
15. I am not concerned…..him in business: with
16. Ahmad worked for his examination….without taking any break: Tirelessly
17. Although the oil prices…..the companies saw a great… overall profits.
18. As I was coming out of building, it……to rain.
19. NAB punishment for maximum term of: 14 years
20. No of deputy chairman as stated in 7 (A): 2
21. Punishment defined in section: 10
22. Official having power to submit reference: Both Chairman of NAB & Authorized officer
26. Code refers to Code fo ____ 1898: Criminal Procedure
27. Assets means property and all belongings to any: accused
28. Another purpose of NAB is to educated society about need to eradicate corruption from:
29. Area of circle having diameter of 14 cm^2: A ≈ 153.94 cm²
30. Amount of Zakat to be paid on amount of 4,040,000/- : 101000
31. “A” invests 30,000/- B invests 40,000/- profit at end of year 7,700/- what will be the B's share?
32. If a+3a is 4 and less than b+3b then a-b ?
33. 85 % sheep in herd are male if 80% male and 20% female sheep get slaughtered what will be the remaining ratio? shirk
NTS Book free Download pdf, NTS MCQs with answers. NTS Test Preparation
35. Misaaq-e-Madina: contract with jews at madinah
36. Camel of Prophet PBUH at time of migration to midinah: Qaswa
37. Hajjis shifted toward arafat from minna of ___ zilhaj: 9 Zilhajja
38. Bait ul Maal founded by caliph: Hazrat Umer
39. Iman e mufasil is ?
40. First revealed book ? Torah
41. Shrine of bhauddin zikriya at which city ? Multan
42. Fraizi movement was for: Peasant (and Islamic reforms in peasantry)
43. Separated homeland concept by leader: Iqbal
44. Who coined the name of Pakistan: Ch. Rehmat Ali
45. Pak's ideology based on? Islam (Two-Nation Theory)
46. Minto Park's name changed to : Iqbal Park
47. Baloki headwork on river? Ravi
48. Largest crop cultivated in Pakistan: Wheat
49. As with rise of temperature of ice , the density of ice will: Decrease
50. Twinkling of stars due to? Scattering of Light by Dust Particles
51. Gas used in fire extinguisher? Carbon Dioxide
52. Fat digested in: Small Intestine
53. Easy to swim in sea water as compare with swimming in river water why? Sea water is denser
54. LAN stands for? Local Area Network
55. To find similar words in ms words we use: Thesaurus
56. Which connects two similar networks? Router
57. CPU consist of: ALU & CU
58. Mhz stand for: Mega hertz
59. Electricity meter: KWh
60. Small dot that makes a picture are called: Pixels
61. MS DOS is _____ user interface: Command-Line Interface
64. Change case of letters in ms word by? Shift+F3
65. If 20% of 80% = X% of 10. Find X.
66. A and B invest 30,000 & 40,000 respectively. They gained a profit of 7700 at the end of the year. How much B  would get out of this profit?
67. Arithmetic mean of 5, 10, 15, & Z is 20. Find Z: 50
68. One-fourth of a number is 3 less than one sixteenth of that number. Find 4 times the number:
69. 30 years ago, my age was 1/6 of the age that I am now. How old am I?
70. The perimeter of a triangle is 54 cm. The sides are 2:3:4. Find the length of smallest side:
71. (2/5)^2 / (2/5)^10 = ?
72. Find “n” given that, the 1st Ten natural numbers are its factors, and it is the smallest possible 5 digit number.
73. The perimeter of a rectangle is 40 cm, its width is 7cm. Find its length.
74. LEO, GEO, and DEO, are three clubs. What does the shaded part depicts?
75. Four times the product of a number is twice its sum. Find the number?
76. If a letter is randomly chosen from the word Probability. What is the probability of its being a vowel?
77. 85% of sheep in a herd are males. On Eid, if 80% of total males and 20% of total females are slaughtered. What percentage of total sheep would survive?
78. It costs Rs. 25550 to rent a house in Ayoubia. But there is a 10% discount. Ant to book a house, one must pay 1/5 of the total bill due. How much money is required to book house?
79. How much Zakat will be payable at Rs. 4,040,000?
80. Why two blankets are hot?
81. Zakat on Silver in Islam:  594.125