Thursday, 28 September 2017

Trump's Travel Ban is Rejected or Accepted at world wide ?? What is Inside Story of Trump's Newest Travel Ban ?

 After announcement of Trump's New Travel ban there are certain questions arising in mind of public at large like 
  • Why Trump administration is announcing new travel restrictions ??
  • Now, Trump added North Korea in New travel ban, Venezuela 
  • What is Inside Story of Trump's Newest Travel Ban?
  • Is Trump's Explanation on Removing Sudan From his New Travel Ban is acceptable?
  • Trump administration just made its travel ban permanent or It is temporary ?
No We try to Cover these all questions and explain the true story of Trump's Travel Ban September 2017
Venezuela has titled the US Travel Ban as "psychological terrorism". Trump imposed this travel restrictions particularly on various Venezuelan government officials and their families.
The foreign ministry of this country said that, this travel bans announced on Sunday were are not compatible with international laws. In this ban on eight countries they includes Venezuela for first time.

List of Trump's Travel Ban Countries 

Donald Trump US President explained that these countries had "inadequate" security protocols. The eight countries which are Now in US Travel ban are Iran, Chad, Libya, Somalia, North Korea, Syria, Yemen and  Venezuela. 
The Trump administration also pointed the finger at former President of US Obama that in December 2015 Barak Obama was signed into law a measure placing some restrictions on certain travelers from Iraq, Iran, Sudan and Syria. and after that they also added Libya, Somalia and Yemen. 

Now What is Change in this latest Travel ban?

This Travel ban of US now restricted more countries than earlier. Donald Trump’s last ban was for six Muslim-majority countries and all refugees to travel to US. Now, This New Ban  also targets the issuing of visas for the citizens of these eight countries including  Iran, Syria,  Yemen, Somalia, and Libya. 
Tweet of Donald J. Trump President USA to Explain Ite Latest Travel ban. 
"Making America Safe is my number one priority. We will not admit those into our country we cannot safely vet," US President Trump tweeted just after his administration released the details of the restrictions at Sunday night.


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