Tuesday, 3 October 2017

How To Apply On CTIs Jobs in Punjab 2017, CTIs Jobs Application Form Sample, Detail of Subjects & Vacant Seats in All Colleges

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College Teaching Interns Jobs in Punjab

How to Apply On CTI Jobs in Punjab 2017

  • Every College in Punjab will display vacant seats at Notice Board.
  • All Govt Colleges are required to Display the No. of vacant seats of CTI Jobs, Required subjects of CTI Jobs and process of apply on CTIs Jobs.
  • Candidates are required to visit every nearby College and get information Seats are vacant in that college or not.
  • If seats are available candidates can directly apply there for CTI Jobs.
  • Submit application along with CVs and copies of all Documents as per schedule given in College CTI Jobs Ad.

See CTIs Jobs Advertisement in Punjab 2017

Very Important message !
You all are Requested, Plz Take Picture of Notice Board of every college where you will visit for information of CTIs Jobs Share this picture with us in so that we will Share This to all Candidates for their info & ease. 

Subjects for CTIs Jobs in Punjab 2017

CTI Jobs are available in all subjects throughout the Punjab but in each college there may not be available for all subjects so Candidates are required to Visit there nearby college for CTI subject detail of that college. Required Subjects for CTIs may be as Under. 
  • CTIs For English
  • CTIs For Math
  • CTIs For Urdu
  • CTIs For Stat
  • CTIs For Zoology
  • CTIs For Biology
  • CTIs For Chemistry
  • CTIs For Physics
  • CTIs For Islamiyat
  • CTIs For Computer Science 
  • CTIs For Botany
  • CTIs For Psychology
  • CTIs For Education
  • CTIs For Pakistan Studies
  • CTI Economics
  • CTI Pak Studies
  • CTI Physical Education 
  • CTI geography

Sample Application Form for CTIs Jobs in Punjab

This sample of CTIs Jobs application form, If any college provide sample of application form on Notice board than follow that sample.  

CTis Jobs in Punjab Application Form


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