Wednesday, 29 November 2017

6 New Business Ideas You Can Start with Low or No Money Best Business Ideas without Investment Start Business with Low Capital

6 Small Business Ideas start with no money or Low Capital

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  • 20 Small Business Ideas May start with Low or No Capital
How to start a business without Investment

Every one wants to earn more and more. Most of them also wished that they start their business with low capital and even in some cases want to start business without money. there are many business ideas you can start with short resources, there are also many projects you can start with your own easy way and small business ideas less than $1000, without breaking your bank balance. here we tried to include some practically admitted good business ideas and very easiest businesses that you can start without money in Pakistan and any other country.

1- Become Home tutor or Online Tutor

After Internet and online resources education, coaching and tutting become very easy, however, home tutting also has its own charm and importance as well. both are good enough to generate some extra income for you without investment. In this Business you have flexible time management option. you can set your coaching time as per your availability and ease.

2- Self Cooked food Supply at offices, Home & Work Places

This is another New business idea at small level and start with low investment. you are required to visit different offices and met with those people who take lunch during working hours but want to avoid hotels, fast food and ready made food due to hygiene, health and fitness issues. You just need to offer them that you can provide them home made food in cheap price with good quality and maintaining hygiene.

3. Work as Freelancer writer, Data Entry or Graphic Designer

This is the trendiest and very good earning source in these days. You need to learn any skill and one laptop or PC to start work online at home. You can join Fiverr, up-work, people per hour or many other forums, offering freelancing online. This is the best and trusted source to earn money online. 

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4. Event Planner, Manager & Interior Designer

This is another business idea to start with some skill and low capital business idea. You need to built new contacts, use existing ones and advertise your company. Even to start you don’t have to create any office you can manage it through cell phones. 

5. Cell phone repairing Software & Hardware

This is very demanding business in today world as everyone has cell phones and face different hardware and software issues. If you can learn this skill, you may start your own repairing lab with very small investment. 

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6.Become a tour Guide

The great business idea just needs a visiting card and information about tourism and tourist places in your country. If you already have travelaholic nature and want to discovered exotic uncovered areas of the world. You can convert your dreams into your business and earn handsome income without investment. Tour guide business do not need so much investment to start, whereas on other hand but it is a very profitable business in Pakistan.


  1. To start business with low capital is very technical and tough decision. You would have to give one thing to your business money or time. you can take smart decision after research and get good fruits with small capital. You may see 6 Business Ideas start with Low or No Investment.